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Personal Support Workers are an important part of the health care team. The Personal Support Worker Program enables you to develop skills required to provide personal support services to clients and their families, clients and residents in the community, at home, in hospitals and in long-term care facilities.

Services provided by the PSW include assistance in routine daily living activities; mobility; personal care and hygiene; ongoing medical conditions and medications; and management of household activities.

The City College Developmental Services Worker diploma program teaches students skills to effectively promote the physical, mental and emotional health of individuals with special needs, to help them to function better in the classroom, at work and in their day to day lives.

The program starts with learning on the stages of human development, the types of developmental disabilities and the range of available community support services for this population. Learning continues with intervention techniques, person-centered planning, abnormal psychology/dual diagnosis, basic pharmacology, supporting people with autism, augmentative forms of communication, and effective responses to people who have been abused. In a nutshell, the program develops one’s skills in building interpersonal relationships and counselling.

This introductory course will familiarize participants with terminology used in the field and values and principles guiding quality of life. It will provide information about common disorders and dual diagnosis.

● Introduction to Developmental Disabilities and Dual Diagnosis
● Behavior Management
● Medication & Pharmacology
● Sexuality.

If you've been out of the work force for a while and need a quick refresher course, or are looking for a short-term program leading to an entry-level office position, the Basic Office Skills Certificate Program at City College of Business Health & Technology is right for you. By taking the program part-time, you'll be able to complete it in 6 weeks.

If you think you have a great business idea, but you are not sure what to do next, then the City College Business Start-up and Entrepreneurship program can help you. You will be given an opportunity to understand how to run a successful business.

● Understanding Business Start-up
● Understanding the Functional Areas of a Business
● The Legal Requirements
● Hiring and Managing Employees
● Preparing a Business Plan for a Business Start-up
● Internet Marketing for Small Business
● Financial and Tax Management for Small Business
● Management and Growth

City College and the International Education Department offer comprehensive support services to all international students. Our goal is to help you to become familiar with the college and the community and to know what services are available to you from the time you are accepted until you graduate.

The International office is your main point of contact for any help you need, including pre-departure, information on application, housing and arrival, health insurance and accessing the many services on or off campus.

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City College is dedicated to helping students get the most from their training, and preparing them for successful careers. We ensure that our programs are designed to satisfy your education requirement. We make it simple for you to reach your desired education level through the flexibility of our scheduling

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify.
In addition to various government aid and loan programs the school allows students
to finance their own education over the course of their program.

Financial Assistance


  • "City College is very unique. The studies are engaging and stimulating and I find the people of City College (student, teacher, administrators) to be most interesting. At City College, you are always being surrounded by brilliant and talented individuals from all over the world.

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  • "Being a Physician in my home country, I was very apprehensive about doing the Personal Support Worker (PSW) Program. However, the teachers of City College made the transition easy for me.

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  • "I am very grateful to have completed my Personal Support Worker Program at City College and achieved my PSW diploma.

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  • "I truly appreciate the opportunity that City College provided in preparing me for an exciting career in the field of Personal Support Worker.

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